10 Reasons Why Girls Of The Cloth Make Best Wife Material

On many occasions, men desire to marry a lady who is of a lower status, lets say a doctor, lawyers, pilot or an engineer would wish to marry a lady from such positions as a teacher, a secretary or a model.

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But very few would want to marry a policewoman. And from these 10 reasons, you would actually agree that it is just a false perception.

Policewomen are actual a good cloth you can make a wife material from

  1. Grown up chicks who depend on their own when it comes to decision making when the husband is not their, they are good in both creative and critical thinking
  2. Police girls are fit and very healthy, good in exercise and can take care of their own weight with less issues
  3. They are so much trusted, and also winning their trust is so simple and easy, as a man what else can you ask for other then this.
  4. Disciplined and highly responsible, they are accountable and apologetic to their own mistakes. And very willing to reform.
  5. Police girls are just another nerds of respect and dignity, obeying and know how to follow instructions. As a man you need someone who can just look up to you rather than the opposite

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