10 Reasons Why Girls Of The Cloth Make Best Wife Material-Part 2

On many occasions, men desire to marry a lady who is of a lower status, lets say a doctor, lawyers, pilot or an engineer would wish to marry a lady from such positions as a teacher, a secretary or a model.

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But very few would want to marry a policewoman. And from these 10 reasons, you would actually agree that it is just a false perception.

Policewomen are actual a good cloth you can make a wife material from

  1. They are fearless, and can provide security for you and your kids, what an awesome back up for man. They can actually serve both, main and security back up
  2. They are so spontanueosu and quick to react to any emergency, making it good when in need of such a service of quick response.
  3. Needless to say, they are so creative, and this is derived from their constant use of brains in times of danger
  4. Not easily pissed off by the husband, they have dealt with criminals, hardening them to nature, this is a nice substance when it comes to family wrangles, you need a strong partner
  5. They just never give up, they have to keep hitting the rock with a stick until they are out of the rock and a hard mountain

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