10 Reasons Ladies Should Cut Their Hair

You’re bored with your hair, but you do not know what to do. You look in the instagram profiles of the famous and influential ideas that can sit you well with a face or that go with your personality, but still, after all the research study you are carrying out, you do not end up having it very Clear.

We give you 10 reasons to cut your hair. It’s very comfortable

Short hair is great for the days when you have been stuck weeks and you have to go to work or, otherwise, you will fall a fat one of your boss. With this proposal, it will almost make you look at the mirror of the elevator to see what pints you have.
Combs easily

No more thinking about making a bubble pigtail or bubbletail or planting a bun in the style of Paula Echevarria, short hair only need a brush and … ready!
Avoid unexpected visits

You should know that short hair has a rebound effect for lice. They prefer to dwell in the long mane.
Look change

Because he who does not risk nothing and, from time to time (and does not have to be related to a break or anything like that), every woman needs a change of look.
It’s in fashion

Not to say that it does not even get entangled, and the best, it is not hooked with anything. Who has not happened to be in the tester of your favorite store, take off the T-shirt you just picked up from the hanger and get your hair caught in the alarm? Glups!
You fall less

This reason is valid for all girls, but above all has more weight for those who have a thinner and weak hair, because good news, with short hair this falls less and … if you fall less, this will affect you In the cleaning of your house. How many times have you found hairs on the ground? You sound like this situation especially after you have smoothed your hair, right?
10 reasons to cut your hair

It ended up having to get up half an hour earlier to dry the long mane or smooth it, the short hair is practically dry in the air and, even if you are in winter, in what you finish fixing, you have it ready.
It says a lot about you

Until a few years ago, short hair was related to masculinity and long hair with femininity, but fortunately we are in 2017 and all that has changed. Bringing short hair is a symbol of independence, creativity, power, risk …
You are cooler

Because if you decide to make this decision especially in summer … you will avoid having to be all the time with the bun on the head because your precious mane gives you a lot of heat! Whoever says otherwise, lies: short hair makes you cooler.

Do you need more reasons? You dare?



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