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10 Reasons Why You Should Start A Business Before 30 Years

There is no established age to join the ranks of the entrepreneurial world, but there are certain parameters with which you can know if you are ready to start.

We share reasons you should start a business before the age of 30 years old


In the experience of specialists, old people procrastinate too much because of other responsibilities, while a person in the 20s is more willing to establish a discipline to impose schedules, establish challenges and meet objectives.

Long-term vision:

In this age it is also recognized that every effort requires time and a lot of effort.

It is good to start early since sometimes it requires three or four years to build a good foundation.

Looking for a quality of life:

At this age, most people already have an idea of ​​what kind of life they want to have: if they like to travel, meet people, expand their culture, and so on. Entrepreneurship could be closer to that goal than office life.


Maturity in business not only implies more work or academic experience, but also being able to recover from failure. In 20s, people can understand that failure is also part of success and not cooked at the first boil.

Adaptation to change:

Leaving the comfort zone is a hard blow for anyone. The fact of seeing the need for certain changes in the project as a window of opportunity and not as a problem is also part of that growth that is obtained over time.

Approach from the being:

It is necessary to lose oneself several times to meet again. Only in this way can the person reach the idea that he is really looking for, entrepreneurship from the point of view of passion and dream, and not of materially or economically effective.

Understand the value of time:

At 20, entrepreneurs know well the importance of their time, so they will focus and decide better. The time lost in a project that does not really matter to the entrepreneur is irretrievable.

Combining work and technology:

20-year-old entrepreneurs are more aware that technology is a set of tools to improve or optimize the project, but also more accustomed to developing initiatives and dedicating themselves fully to their draft.

Fulfill dreams:

In 20s it is a good time to meet those life goals or start walking the path to them. An entrepreneurial project is an option to reach dreams.

Develop the trade:

When an entrepreneurial project begins to impact at a local or global level, it begins to fulfill a purpose of life,

To impact others and thus put a grain of sand. The age group  is the age of maturity to accept it and do everything possible to reach more people

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