10 Reasons You Should Not Have A Strong Relationship With Facebook

If you have a cell phone with the social networks application like Facebook or Instagram on it, you probably have something like an addiction to check them constantly.

And how not, if every minute, these networks are updated and we can see new memes, new photos of our friends or even the most recent content about those celebrities that we are fans of.

Thus, several studies have already occurred that social networks often lead to become depressed and have a fear of losing everything our contacts do, but what happens if you control the obsession a bit and do not check them every 5 minutes?

These are 10 side effects of constantly checking your Facebook:

  1. You will be more alert

When you’re really inside watching Fb, you do not know anything more than that. Your friend may be asking for attention or you may be in a nice place and even then, your face is buried there, seeing the Face.

When you stop to consult Facebook and start looking at what is happening around you, you will be more aware of everything.

  1. You will work more

If you work, you stop to consult social networks even if it is only for 5 minutes, you know that this small time can easily become half an hour.

And it’s that easy, you go 30 minutes in which you could have been much more productive.

When you leave it, you’ll have something else to get bored and that usually means doing the job for real.

  1. You can pay attention to other things

Failing to see the Face is the same as having more time, which you can use to spend with your partner and strengthen your relationship, or with friends and connect with them on a different level.

You can also give yourself time, go for a run and lose a few kilos

The possibilities are literally endless because you will spend your time doing what you want to do.

  1. You will discover who your true friends are

Having friends online is easy, but real life is something completely different. Giving “like” to people’s posts and commenting on their photos requires only a few moments.

Leaving Facebook will help you find those people who really want to spend time on you and with you fast.

  1. You will learn that a “like” does not mean anything

Suddenly, the sense of “likes” is lost. the fact that you like things on Facebook is no longer a matter of really liking the publication.

It is rather a mandatory action to show that you have seen the publication and recognize its existence.

  1. You will feel that you get more

The defining characteristic of Facebook is that it never ends. There is always more to do, more to see and more to get involved.

Dealing with that feeling of “not reaching the end” all day can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Doing things outside of Facebook can solve that problem.

  1. You will get rid of the stalkers

Practically, everyone who uses Facebook has a stalker, or stalker. Especially if you are a woman. People can see your photos, your updates and everything without your permission, and some people really do.

The people you are not friends with and do not want to be friends with can see your information. Even if they cannot see you directly, they can see who you associate with. If you leave Facebook, you will leave all those stalkers in the virtual world.

  1. You’ll feel better about yourself

Science has already shown that, without a doubt, Facebook makes you feel bad about yourself. When you publish a state and nobody likes it, you feel that everyone thinks you are stupid.

On the other hand, you are constantly exposed to people who are happier than you, more successful than you and who have stronger relationships than you.

How is that supposed to make you feel inferior or completely depressed all the time? Why submit to that? There is an easy way to stop and that is to take a break from Facebook.

  1. You will stop feeling envy

Thanks to Facebook, we can become more jealous and envious about everything you see in the social network.

Facebook is a great place to show off what you have and that means it’s also a great place to read about. Stop doing that, and just stop checking it.

  1. You will notice that on Facebook you were only consumer data

You’ve seen it in past weeks, for Mark Zuckerberg, you’re information in its giant database to be mined and exploited.

Your role in Facebook is to see advertising, spend money on Facebook games and enrich the site. What happens to you other than that really does not matter to Facebook.

Why stay in a relationship with Facebook?




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