10 Resourceful Activities Students Should Do During Lectures Strike

In Kenya, it is either the lecturers are planning to go on strike, or they are on strike if not they are just from strike.

The story does not end their.

If they are from strike, it means the students are also planning to go for their own strike.

It still doesn’t end here.

The school non-teaching staff also are waiting for their turn to strike.

One sure thing here, is the fact that no group of demonstrators strike at the same time, they perfectly wait for their turn!

But for a good student, there are a number of activities one should do during this time wasting moment.

We have below 10 activities which could keep you busy

  1. Finish your project, thesis, assignment and any other termly paper assigned before the strike
  2. Use this time to do revisions and better your knowledge in the unit or subject which brings down your tally
  3. Likely use this time to come up with an innovative idea if you are in your final year
  4. If you wish to stay off the class, use this time to serve in a volunteering organisation
  5. If not find an attachment which does not necessarily pay
  6. You can also find a short term job and earn a living before resuming school
  7. This is also a good time to visit family and relatives
  8. For future, one can also focus on networking so as when you start looking for a job, it would look easier
  9. Also work on updating your CV and obtain relevant documents needed during job application
  10. It is also a good moment to offer your talent to the community. Involve yourself in community building activities using your talents



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