10 Schooling Tips To Make Your Learning Easier

Sometimes working hard does not count at the end of the exams and even so at the end of school life.

What matters so much is the idea of working smart and achieving the desired goal. It helps so much in exam rooms and even when life puts for you such a similar question

Below are 10 school hacks you should try to make your learning easier

  1. Writing something out is same as reading it 7 times
  2. Eating chocolate during studying will help your brain retain much information
  3. The most effective way to study is using 30-50 minutes to concentrate and breaking with 10 minutes each time
  4. White text with black outline can be read on any background
  5. To find words you cannot think of but can describe, use
  6. While studying for a certain subject, pretend you are going to teach it, it will help you understand more
  7. While studying, peppermint stimulates your brain improving your concentration
  8. You are more likely to remember something you wrote in blue ink than in black ink
  9. Photomatch app helps you solve math problem by teaching you how to solve them
  10. To grammatical check your paper, copy and paste it in Google translate, it will help you see mistake easily




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