10 Shoddy Projects Launched By Alfred Mutua

Dr.Alfred Mutua has been praised and criticized in the same measure in regards to his development projects in Machakos County.


For more than 5 years, Alfred Mutua has been one of the top governors in news in regards to development.

But a close look at some of his work he has produced reveals shoddy work marred his development projects.

On many occasions he would stand out and publicize his work, giving a huge room for critics to poke holes in his work.

Below are some of his work Kenyans thought would have been done better than that.

‘Painting Roads’

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Bridge that takes one vehicle at a time on a major road


Katani road, with ‘modern’ Ambulances stuck in ditches

Machakos town -Kitui Bridge

That’s an empty dam amid heavy rains, where are the waters or the the dam meant to be a picnic area?

Flooded Machakos town, Mutua’s next ‘Techno city’

He donated these adult Sandals to Primary kid,

Potholes on tarmack after few months


A No- Lorry Bridge




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