10 Signs That You Are About To Be Fired

Do you feel that something is not right with your work? Do you feel that your boss has changed the way I interact with you?

Pay close attention to these types of signs in your work environment as they can help you decipher if you are in danger of being fired.

Although for some people changing jobs is the start of new opportunities for others to face a layoff it can be a traumatic situation.

So that you are never surprised by a news of this type, we share 10 signals

1.You have received one or more reports of poor performance:

A report is not synonymous with that you are going to be fired, these can give strong evidence to your boss to show that you are not a good employee.

If you receive a bad report, work on the weakest points so that in the next evaluation you can show that you took into account the comments made to you.

2.The tasks assigned to you seem impossible to complete:

If you feel that your bosses assign you new tasks that are unrealizable for a human, in some cases it may mean that they want to fire you and they need to prove that you are not qualified to carry out your duties. That’s why they give you impossible missions.

3.The relationship with your boss has deteriorated:

A poor relationship with superiors will always be a sign that things are not going well, especially when it has reached a point where your boss ignores you, does not speak to you or represses you in public.

4.They ask for detailed reports of time and expenses:

These types of demands may mean that your boss is distrusting your work. Try to find out if you are the only one they are questioning about.

5.You are one of the few projects in the past:

From one moment to another you have a lot of time in your hands and you see that some of your tasks are being distributed to other colleagues.

6.Your work is no longer recognized:

Yes even after saving the company from a catastrophe your boss does not recognize your effort, surely something happens.

If they want to fire you, the last thing your boss will do is publicly praise you for your work.

7.They have made a salary cut or want to take time off:

Taking a “break” or a “brake” is never a good sign in a relationship.

8.Notes whispered among your colleagues and behave differently with you:

When employees of a company hear rumors about a possible dismissal, their interaction with the person in question changes radically.

9.You are no longer taken in account for important decisions:

Staying outside the circle of trust of your bosses or colleagues is always a sign that things are not going well.

10.You feel or intuit that something is happening:

On many occasions the instinct will let you know if your work is in danger or you are at risk of being fired. Pay attention!



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