10 Similarities Between Arsene Wenger And Raila Odinga- Part 1

Arsene Wenger of EPL looks like Raila Odinga of Kenyan opposition politics, the two characters who are totally in the different worlds of career seem to share very strange but striking similarities.

Here are 10 unique similarities shared between the two bosses of their own followers or fans.

  1. Wenger has never won an UEFA champions league, while Raila has never won the presidency post, despite both of them having spent decades fighting for the same post.
  2. Surprisingly, Raila Odinga supports Arsenal, just as Arsene Wenger. What a surprise.
  3. Wenger complained of being ‘some’ clubs being favored especially when the season started, where Arsenal were handed a tight fixture, Raila has been complaining of unfair commissioners of IEBC for a long a year now
  4. It is difficult for Wenger to step down, and so is Raila Odinga in Nasa, simply because the two have a good number of control and shared interests.
  5. It is long since Wenger won a major title like EPL or so, and so is Raila, who has spent decades as just an MP and  a PM

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