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10 Suggestive Chemistry Photos Of 23 Year Old Benson Chacha With Female MPs And Senior Female Government Officials

A 23 year old man, Benson Chacha who was arrested in Tameri, his hideout in Tanzania has claimed that he has a video footage of the 13 female MPs and other top senior female government officials.

Benson Chacha with Big Girls


According to police reports, Chacha was sexually involved with the unknown 13 female MPs.

Chacha, who has already been presented before the court, is facing crimes of cyber bulling and extorting money from MPs in unlawful manner.

Chacha came to light when he started conning senators, MP and other top government officials using Sabina Chege’s details which he had obtained and registered a number on MPESA with Sabina’s details.

There is another undeniable fact that Sabina and Chacha had an affair that for now its details remains fuzzy.

A quick check onto the man’s account, one wonders how a 23 year old man would be having intimate photos with such old senior government women who ought to play a role of his mother or grandmother rather than his girlfriend.

On social media, many praised Chacha and saw a problem with Sabina with her fellows

Chacha was preparing documents to move in to a fully paid apartment in Zanzibar before his arrest.

Check out the photos obtained from his Instagram account named ‘El Chapo Junior 2’

Muranga women rep Sabina Chege

Former Nominated senator Naisula Lesuuda

Image result for WAZIRI benson masubo chacha

Former Bomet women representative Cecilia Chelangat Ngetich

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Top senior government Officials

MP Millie Odhiambo

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