10 Things Your Boss Loves To Hear

If you have a boss, you’re probably looking for ways to impress him. Your boss has a direct influence on your work life. More than any other person. Only you can influence more than to reach advance in your career.

In the end, your boss is not different from any other person: he loves the good news and makes him happy that things go well.

So, how to please your boss? We are going to see 10 ways to keep your boss happy throughout the work week.

1) “It’s fixed”

When you finish a task, no matter how small, tell your boss. You will feel good about checking that a pending task has already been completed.

Some employees do not speak directly to their bosses and they may continue to think that this task is not finished.


2) “Good news”

This one is pretty obvious. When something good happens, tell your boss. Your boss receives a lot of bad news so he will have a good impression of you when you are the bearer of good news. Being a source of good news for your boss is never a bad thing.


3) “No problem”

Do you think your co-workers are a bunch of whiners? You will be surprised to know that no matter how much you complain, your boss gets even worse.

When assigning work to your colleagues, your boss has to listen and harden the complaints about how busy it is and how difficult it will be to move the new project forward.

Do not be one of those who complain. When they give you a task you can, let your boss know it’s a piece of cake.


4) “I made a mistake, but I’m fixing it”

Sooner or later, you will make mistakes. This way. When this happens, tell your boss and also what you are doing about it.

To solve it and so that it does not happen again. This is not going to make your boss happy but he will be much less happy if he does not know it until the situation explodes.

Confess the error, show that you can do without responsible problem of your actions. And always, prepare a plan to put things back on track.


5) “On ‘X’ topic, I discovered that we can do ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ How about?”

There is nothing wrong with asking your boss for advice on some matter, but make sure you have some ideas about what can be done. By having some ideas, you show that you have been thinking about what to do, before asking.

Even if your boss does not like any of your ideas and tells you to do another in his place, you have shown him that his first reaction when there are doubts or problems is to start thinking about solutions, do not “delegate” the problem to others .



6) “I realized what to do with ‘X'”

Not all problems are so simple that they can be solved in a few minutes. But when the problem gets worse it’s much better, stop thinking about the problems and try to solve it, to move forward.

If you discover a solution or at least one step forward, share it with your boss. Demonstrate to your boss that you are capable of planning the future and solving big problems, will make you promote when the opportunity arises, improving your payroll at the same time.


7) “Give it for granted”

By saying this, in that moment, a task that was somewhat vague in your boss’s mind, has become a task assigned and done by you. This is a step towards becoming the right hand of your boss.


That worker who trusts the most important matters of the company. Needless to say, this will have a significant impact on both your position and your salary.


8) “I’ll take care of it personally”

If you have a reputation with your boss for someone who can manage important or difficult work, saying that you will take care of yourself, you continue to strengthen that reputation.

Do your job well, do it on time and show that you are taking care of the tasks yourself, putting the same care that your boss would put


9) “I have found a way to make it cheaper”

You can work hard and be a good employee, but companies are not NGOs.

Your boss is always looking for ways to do two things:


That the company earn more money.

Reduce the costs of the company.

And while you can always help find a way to make the company earn more, tips to save money are often easier.

Your boss can say “we need more customers” but if you find a new supplier 10% cheaper, your boss will be just as happy.


10) “I had an idea”

Having employees who are continually taking the initiative means that your boss can focus on the main tasks. You do not have to worry about sitting around waiting for me to tell you what tasks to do, what methods to improve, etc.

Your boss will appreciate that you try to come up with new ideas, but you probably do not like the launch of those new ideas without your opinion.

As responsible for what happens in the company or department, I want to know that everyone is rowing in the same direction.

When you have financial freedom many of these things you will not even have to reject, they will come out automatically. And it is that when you are financially free you have more professional success. In the Financial Freedom



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