10 Things That Bother Ladies In A Relationship

Men claim their space in all the theories that ladies elaborate on the relationships of couple because they feel disturbed to ladies complaints. And they tell ladies that they also have complaints, that there are many things that bother women and they want to be heard. Do ladies listen to men? Let them take the floor.

1 They want to talk about everything. The men say that they do not understand the mania of women wanting to talk everything, that we talk too much and that is why they have to disconnect at times. We say that this is called communication and that it is fundamental in the couple, but we note the complaint.

2 They become affectionate after sex. Men find it quite intolerable that after sex we talk, give them a hug or caress them. You have to sleep!

3 They are late. Hear the kitchen! The usual complaint is that we always arrive late, that it takes a long time to settle and that we have a terrible time waiting and waiting.

4 They have the rule. No one takes into account what men suffer when we have the rule and that is a lack of very serious empathy. Because it hurts everything, because it changes our moods and because many times we do not want to know anything about sex. Neither of anything nor of anybody.

5 That they are so close to their friends. What is it about canceling a perfect couch, blanket and tennis match plan on TV with your partner for an afternoon of giggling with friends? Who would think!

6 They care about the physical aspect. Feminine insecurities and doubts about the physical aspect also disturb the holy men who do not know how to act before a haircut, a new dress or a variation in weight.

7 They are hooked to series. They say those who spend the hours dead watching every sporting event they put on television, that women have a sickly tendency to hook us to series. And the worst thing is that we talk about them!

8 They occupy the whole closet. No comments.

9 Looking for a blue prince. There is little talk of the pressure men feel for trying to behave like a prince. They go to theirs, with their pressure to be perfect that carry it great without knowing that long ago we stopped looking for a prince and that we prefer a lovely toad.

10 They have cold feet. They get into bed and a wave of cold travels the body to the contact with our feet. Because they are the real sufferers of our cold feet, of course.

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