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10 Things Students Seeking For Internship Should Avoid Posting On Facebook

Are you searching for employment now? Then this post is exactly for you. If not you can still pick some lesson for your future when you will be looking for greener pastures.

Many employers are shifting their gears fast and adapting to the changing technology.

HRs and hiring departments can easily sneak into your social media life and find that dirty linen cloth you left on your Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram account.

Lucky enough, this article will help you evade such as silly mistake that could cost you your job opportunity appointment .

Below are posts you should avoid making on Facebook.

1. Not being proud of yourself

This can quickly turn you down as a potential job seeker. You need to talk about your professionalism and expertise on social media and be able to network with individuals within your career.

Not posting anything about your career can be a turn off to many HRs

2. Portraying yourself as a bad worker

You want to always post about your negative side on social media in regards to employment.

You post on how you look lazy, wake up late and drink so much?

This is a big pitfall for you!

3.Complains about your job

The only thing you post about yourself is how you hate your current job?

You better talk about yourself and love that job. Because it shows another different kind of a person

4.Poor grammar and spelling mistakes

Your English is bad and your spelling is just awful.

You have to look like a professional and stand out unlike the rest

5. Controversial

It is good to be controversial but you have to measure your opinions.

Don’t speak against women or support rape or immoral activities in the society.

This might bring you down again

6. Demonstrating in school

You still have those photos from campus while on demos, better not to let them escape to the social media.

Firms don’t like to hire someone who is likely to bring a strike in their company

7.Thrashing down companies

You literally bring down companies and help other social media trolleys to shame them.

That company you shouted against on social media might be your next employer

8.Being tribal or showing discrimination

Even though no one might bring you down for charges, you action will play against you in future.

It might happen that group you discriminated against plays a key role in your employment where you were called up for the job

9.Sharing or posting pornographic material

Whenever there is a leaked sex tape, you always among the key people to help in its spread.

While it is illegal, you can escape the arm of law but a keen employer can disqualify your application based on this

10.Issuing threats

If you go into conflict with someone, it might happen you rush to issue threats to that person on social media.

That is such a big mistake

11.Hard Drugs

Showing you are addicted to hard drugs or you abuse even legal drugs on social media site makes you a subject of being a bad employee

12. Plagiarizing

Using stolen content on social media could be a big mistake especially if you are joining the creative industry

13. Attacking your former bosses or teachers

If you have scores with the former employees or teachers, please keep to yourself.

Social media is no place for this if you are a job seeker.

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