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10 Things To Consider Before Converting A Laptop Into A Mobile Office

When the whole world is your office, nothing can be left to chance. Therefore, you must take into account a series of features that your laptop should have when your profession does not let you stand still in an office.

Even if you work from a laptop, an office or your home are controlled places, where you will have all the adapters or cables you need to connect different accessories to your laptop, you will never lack an outlet when you need it, and you will have your laptop available whenever you need it.

The complicated thing is to turn your laptop into your mobile office and maintain productivity at its highest levels with a lightweight, powerful laptop that generates solutions and not problems when connecting to other external devices such as projectors, external storage units, etc. .

Light Laptop

If you have to carry the laptop always on top it is essential that it is light and compact. Without a doubt, if you don’t stop at the office, one of the main features your laptop must have to work on will be its size and weight.

It may seem an unimportant detail, but when you have to carry a laptop all day, every gram counts and what is hardly noticeable on paper, after hours it becomes quite inconvenient. Simply thank you for carrying an elegant, robust and less than 1 kg weight laptop.

Light Bag

In addition, a compact size allows you to carry it in any backpack or bag, so that the need to carry a bulky bag is also eliminated at a stroke. Traveling light and carrying a laptop are concepts that have been opposed for a long time, but now the Acer Swift 5 becomes a reality.

Manufacturers are increasingly doing better work when compacting the laptop’s chassis and using more complex materials and alloys to improve the final weight of the laptop and mount 15.6-inch screens in a size that, to date, was only reserved for 14-inch laptops

Powerful battery

When you stop little by your office, you need a good battery autonomy to ensure that the laptop will hold on all day without having to constantly worry about having a power outlet nearby.

In this sense, choosing an efficient hardware will make the laptop consume less energy and, therefore, will stretch the autonomy of use beyond a working day.

Let nothing stop you: ensure power and productivity

All the hardware power you need to maintain productivity and a precise screen so that nothing stops you to do your job.

For a long time, to say that a laptop was designed for mobility was a euphemism to indicate that it was not a powerful laptop, given that its priority was to keep the energy consumption of the hardware at bay to increase battery life.

The evolution in the manufacturing of the 8th generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors is the basis for achieving a high level of productivity without penalizing battery life.

Reliable hardwares

Having a solvent hardware is essential if your professional activity requires using demanding programs. The processors 8th generation Intel provide a good balance between power and consumption, allowing you to carry out your work from anywhere. No breaks or waiting.

Maintaining a good productive level is essential for a laptop. The screen has a lot to say in that aspect, since it directly affects the way of interacting with the content.

Acer Swift 5 mounts a 15.6-inch IPS touch screen with Full HD resolution that offers 100% sRGB coverage that provides excellent color fidelity, which is essential if you dedicate yourself to the design.

Maximum connectivity to leave nothing to chance

Having a wide variety of connectors is one of the features that your laptop must have to work if you do not stop at the office.

In a changing environment it is essential to have a laptop capable of adapting to any situation. In this sense, integrating the widest variety of connectors and wireless functions ensures that any connection scenario can be easily solved.

The laptops that are committed mobility tend to offer a dual – band WiFi connections with Gigabit connectivity provides greater stability and speed thanks to improved antenna system and Bluetooth 5.0.

On the other hand, they tend to falter in everything related to physical connections in which the lack of space makes it impossible to integrate certain connectors.

It is curious that, in a constantly changing environment, where the user never knows what type of devices they will have to connect in meetings with their clients or in presentations, the number of connectivity options, or instead, is reduced, requires carrying cables and adapters of all kinds.

In short, converting a laptop into a mobile office should not be taken lightly or there is a risk of losing productivity, autonomy or connectivity, so it is important to consider all these features before choosing the perfect laptop to work outside the office.

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