10 Things You Did Not Know About Facebook

Facebook is more than a social network, it is the place where we go to waste time, where we find out which primary friend is pregnant, where the distant cousin went on vacation and how skilled  grandmothers have become for this technology.

But despite how much we use it, here are some data that surprise us.

  1. When Facebook fell for 10 minutes, it lost more than 220 thousand dollars in advertising.
  2. You can tap anyone on Facebook, except Mark Zuckerberg. You cannot block him either.
  3. In 2006, Chris Putnam hacked Facebook and made several profiles look like MySpace. Finally, Facebook hired him.
  4. Facebook is worth 192 trillion dollars.
  5. On May 31, 2010, 39 thousand 401 people celebrated the Quit Facebook Day and erased their profiles.
  6. The average Facebook user receives approximately 82 notifications per day.
  7. In case you did not know, posting to “privacy notice” on Facebook does not really help protect your privacy.
  8. Facebook gets, on average, 9 thousand 671 dollars every second.
  9. Every day, one in eight people in the world enters Facebook.
  10. In 2011, one third of divorce cases in the United States contained the word “Facebook.”
  11. Mark Zuckerberg has 27.9 million followers.



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