10 Things You Don’t Know About Meme Hadhija Mejja a.k.a Okonkwo

Meme Hadhija Mejja a.k.a Okonkwo is one of the hottest Kenyan rappers today. Some of his popular hits are Niko poa, Landlord, Jana kuliendaje, Furahia, Nyongwa, Majengo e.t.c Mejja has surmounted lots of obstacles to reach his current state in music. He uniquely uses humor in his lyrics, leaving his audience demanding more.

10 Things You Don't Know About Meme Hadhija Mejja a.k.a Okonkwo
10 Things You Don’t Know About Meme Hadhija Mejja a.k.a Okonkwo

*Here are some facts you need to know about Mejja*

10. He used to sell groundnuts at Narumaro in Nyeri. He had to quit the business after his partner consumed all the profits they had made.

9. His first job in Nairobi was putting up posters. He put up posters for Jua Cali in Nairobi estates such as Umoja and Huruma.

8. He first publicly displayed his talent when he participated in Celtel Talent Search. He won and Clemo approached him for possible music production.

7. It’s Clemo that hosted him when he first came to live in Nairobi. Through Calif Records in collaboration with Clemo, they released numerous hits.

6. He used his first pay from live concert to treat his mother who was suffering from brain tumor.

5. He has a daughter from previous relationship. Currently, he is dating.

4. His clip of ‘Jana kuliendaje’ is a real life story. His friend Omari one night came home drunk and kicked him out of the house. The next day Omari denied having done such a thing.

3. His brother was a rapper. He inspired him to rapping. Its unfortunate that his brother did not further his music talent to that level of Mejja.

2. His mother did not know he was a singer until the day she saw him on TV.

1. He today performs under the Kansoul group comprising of Madtraxx and Kid Kora. They have together released hit songs such as Nyongwa and Double Trap.

by Felix Vincent.

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