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10 Things You Should Know About Ruto’s Newly Bought 2022 Campaign Machine , 1 Billion Airbus H145

At the beginning of the year, Deputy President William Ruto, categorically stated that politics was over and people should focus on development then 2022 campaign.

Well, it seems that development can be achieved in less than 200 days and Ruto has already started preparing for 2022 election.

His first objective, was to acquire a new Airbus H145 from France which costed him 8 million Euros, roughly more than Sh.1 billion in Kenyan currency.

Ruto has now added one more machines to his aviation garage, which makes it to five choppers owned by Ruto

The official Manufacturer Airbus, noted that the state of the art machine would be delivered in June 2018.

The airbus is a state and mastery of art and science fiction in reality, here are 10 facts about the airbus bought from France.

  1. The machine would be flown by Mario Magonga, who was undergoing training in France before his return to Kenya.
  2. The Chopper costs 1 billion and can accommodate upto 8 passengers
  3. The chopper’s range is measured to 480 Kilometers or 260 nautical miles, which means that  the chopper can fly that distance without landing based on its fuel carrying capacity
  4. The chopper is also armed with Night Vision cameras, which makes it ideal for security agencies and rescue operations
  5. The chopper also enjoys forward looking infra-red cameras, which employs the technology of wireless transmission of datat
  6. Another important feature, is a powerful search light which is also ideal for rescue operations
  7. To add on, their is hoist, and external roping which can support two people – one on each side
  8. Ruto’s chopper will be one of its kind in Kenya
  9. The highly anticipated helicopter will likely bear registration 5Y-*** on arrival in the country
  10. This chopper will make number five in Ruto’s aviation garage of  two Eurocopter AS350B3e (registration 5Y DSM and 5Y DSN), a Eurocopter EC130B4 (5Y DSC) and Douglas DC-9 (registration 5Y-SAX).



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