10 Tips To Avoid Failing At Work In 2018

At present, the requirements for an interesting professional career, obtaining high-level positions or even to stay for a stable time in a job are getting bigger and more complex.

Study indicates that the lack of information in the selection process and emotional errors are the main causes of job failure, both resignation and dismissal.

But the most serious problems of job failure may not be the external ones but those that come from yourself, Here are the common habits that tend to be harmful to your own growth:


  1. Too many distractions. You have an eight-hour day or even more and ideally you are focused on your work, if breaks, talks and even Facebook are an important part of the time you spend in the office, then you are not really working hard.
  2. Do not take risks. Going safe is always a tempting option, it is the most comfortable; But a business does not grow only to be lucky, if you have ideas but do not make the decision to raise your hand your company will not see you and therefore there will be no success.
  3. You are not efficient. If you are one of the people who use up to the last minute in the office, well done, the problem arises when in spite of working so hard you do not do it intelligently, and the results are not beneficial for your company.
  4. Surrender to the first failure. The study of the University of Palermo, reveals that phrases like “work was not what I expected” are the most common at the time of the desertion. Your character must define that if you like the job and need it, you should not give up so easily.
  5. Be afraid to excel. It is more common than it seems, inside you want to get the job and get ahead, but the threat is greater not to please those around you or if, for fear they confront you, do not know how to cope.
  6. Lack of social skills. To succeed in a company, having the willingness to obtain solid relationships is essential, so your failure can be based on minimizing the importance of this and not getting others to induce a required action or thought.
  7. You lack humility. There are people who achieve little and say they are experts, humility is knowing what you do not know. Ideally, you should demonstrate as many times as possible the real skills you have, because if at some point you are put to the test you will not fail.
  8. Lack of responsibility. When you have an excuse for everything that happens, it happened to you and it was some problem you are not really responsible for your work, on the contrary you give the image that you have a pretext for everything and therefore your bosses can not build trust.
  9. Null empathy. This is essential, since the failure lies in recognizing the opinion of the boss or other employees, based on phrases that begin with “I”, which involves defensive attitudes to criticism about your behavior or actions.
  10. Lack of self-motivation. And this, apparently is the most important, because if you do not have the ability to find an internal motivation independent of the circumstance that is lived, you cannot achieve that in the face of adverse circumstances.

The good news is that emotional intelligence can be learned, skills such as self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-control, commitment, integrity, honesty, responsibility and leadership are not out of reach.



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