10 Tips For 2019 Successful Job Applicants

Entering your first job is a big challenge for young professionals . If you want to show off your new job and build a solid professional future, here are some recommendations.


1.   Establish your personal brand . Having a good reputation is one of the pillars of your future growth. Keep your promises, respect the delivery dates of your work and take care of your image on social networks.

2.    Keep up to date . Regardless of what your vocational option has been, it is very important that you read the news and keep yourself informed about what is happening around you.

3.    Do not miss any opportunity to learn. If they offer to do any type of training course or seminar , accept it. Remember that your training does not end with the university.

4.    It offers solutions and not problems.The leaders of the organizations look for employees who think for themselves and offer their own solutions and initiatives to help the growth of the company.

5.    Travel at every opportunity you can . Do not miss any opportunity to travel and discover new places, no matter if it is a small town or a big city. The experience will open your mind and give you new knowledge.

6.    Link yourself outside the scope of the office. Expand your network of contacts as much as you can without limiting yourself to the scope of your company. You never know when a contact can serve you.

7.    Stay in sight, but avoid gossip.Make sure you stay visible in the eyes of your colleagues and superiors, but beware of falling for gossip and rumors in the office.

8.    Do not go sick to work. Many times we think that missing work is the worst thing we can do. However, attending the office as a carrier of germs will not be well seen by those around you. Stay at home until you recover completely.

9.    Get a mentor . It is always good to have an example to follow. Seek support from the advice of a professional you admire when you have doubts about your future.

10.    Take risks.It’s okay to make a mistake from time to time. Consider that as a beginner, no one will expect you to be perfect. It is preferable that you take risks and learn from your mistakes.



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