10 Tips To Please Annoying Boss

Professional life has different challenges, both work and emotional; However, being able to overcome them, many times, is hindered by elements or actions alien to the individual: envy of colleagues and the attitude, sometimes unethical of the boss or superior.

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What to do when it is the boss that makes it difficult to stay at work? Renunciation is not an easy matter and, above all, if you talk about monetary needs. Youth Village Kenya offers you 10 tips that will help you keep your job and improve your environment.

  1. Do not give reasons to complain. Bad bosses look for any excuse to complain. Do your job well Avoid the distractions that lower productivity, such as browsing the Internet. Get to work on time every day and do not take too much time for lunch.


  1. Be positive. Do not get defensive if you are admonished for anything. If you acknowledge your failure, you will avoid being able to keep animosity against you.


  1. Do not ignore him. It is a serious mistake to skip the boss and decide something without telling your opinion, to save time or effort. The personal will affect your professional life and you will create more problems and delays than you solve.


  1. Get close to him in private. Plan a private interview to discuss the problem and try to resolve the situation. If necessary, you can ask someone from Human Resources to accompany you as a witness.


  1. Connect. Seeking justice is good, but the reality is that you can not get tired of complaining about why I am touching that boss and about how badly you spend it. Concentrate on being the most effective within the organization in which you chose to work.


  1. Accept responsibility. If you have given him some legitimate reason for him to act badly with you, admit the part of responsibility that touches you and solve the problem by making some changes.


  1. Resist the desire to retaliate. Discussing with your boss will make the situation worse and may result in your dismissal. Keep quiet while you are negotiating the situation and make an extra effort to improve the employment relationship.


  1. Try to stay calm. When we are facing one of those “intractable” bosses, the best we can do is stay calm, express ourselves clearly and sensibly at all times, and never attack the other even when he does attack us.


  1. Know it in detail. Observe the routines and rituals of your superior to know what behaviors he likes and, consequently, to know his vulnerable points.


  1. Open your eyes to new opportunities. If you do not see the possibility of a change in the situation, keep your eyes open to find out about the new positions in the company under different heads or consider leaving it completely.


Professional life is very broad do not lock yourself in a single idea. Try to find solutions to your problems. Do not let them affect you emotionally.



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