10 Tourists Attraction Sites In Nairobi Where You Need Less Than Ksh. 1000 To Spent Quality Time

They say big things come in small boxes and sometimes the most expensive things would be quality compromised based as compared to cheap and affordable experiences

Here are 10 spots in Nairobi where you just need less than Ksh. 1000 and you will spent the best of your moments.

1. Diguna

High Ropes Challenge If you’re in the mood for an adventure but you don’t want to venture out of town, then the spot for you. It’s located in Rongai at AIC Diguna.

The high ropes challenge is a course with a series of high ropes that you must navigate to finish.

2. Laser Tag

ABC Place Westlands laser tag as a game that’s similar to paintball only your gun would fire infrared beams instead of balls of paint. You’ll find the folks at laser tag Kenya and for Ksh. 500 per person you’ll get to play a game.

3. Memorial Park Museum .

To gain entry into the park, it will cost you Ksh.30and another Ksh.50,100 or 150 to visit the museum depending.

A small room where you’ll get to see some of the wreckage from the bombings and afterwards watch a documentary of the events of the bomb blast


Learn/Go ice skating at the panari ice rink. For an hour, it costs Kshs 800 for children under 14 and kshs 1000 for adults

5. GP Karting at Carnivore

GP Karting at Carnivore road off Lang’ata road for 1300 per person for 10 mins- Also very ideal for a family fun day with kids this place was not well maintained the last time I was there. I hope this has changed 🙁

6. Giraffe Centre

Kiss/feed giraffes at giraffe centre Also very ideal for children. It’s kshs 200 for Kenyan children and kshs 400 for Kenyan adults National IDs required and cash payment isn’t accepted.

7.Nairobi Safari Walk

Located in the compound of Nairobi National Park.

The entry fee is Ksh. 250 for adults.3Km safari, you’ll get to see three ecosystems; the wetlands,savannah,forestry,wide variety of wildlife and the raised boardwalk will allow you views of the wildlife below.

8.Rock Climbing at Diamond Plaza

The cost is Ksh. 1,000 per session and the difficulty levels cater for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, a pro. You can take advantage of the ladies night offer on Tuesdays where your group of girlfriends get to pay Ksh. 500per session instead

9. Funscapes

Arcade splendid spot for children.variety of arcade games and rides occupy. rides and games cost about Ksh. 500. Entry is free and once inside, you will be asked to load a funscapes card with some money and it will act as a payment card for games.

10. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

What’s cuter than watching baby elephants frolicking? Nothing in the world can beat that. Located on Magadi Rd, their mission is to rescue and nurtured orphaned baby elephants until they’re ready to go back to the wild.

Courtesy of Tembea Kenya.

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