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When You thought Death Is Not A Living Thing? 10 Trending Photos This Week

As the first week of May 2016 comes to and end, here are the cute and funny photos that were on trend on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsAPP

Boss lady

13102894_10204449158027392_7391016612511413648_n yvk

Land of true Africans

13094109_797383870405892_7223649610697586120_n yvk

When you thought death is not a living thing

13092031_798330930311186_1466253588831808978_n yvk

When the man in a gentleman shows up

13091898_10207985982441071_3721325596446720718_n yvk


On probation and then after full admission

13087865_1101275806632946_5264916914496695031_n yvk

Where the gun is useless

13087732_10207985886358669_3746363650618391873_n yvk

Old is Gold and strong


Team mafisi reloaded and on mission


And finally, you got a call if you are a lady


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