10 Types Of Annoying Co-Workers—Make Sure You’re Not One Of Them!

Where you work, it is no doubt that is an officially working ground, but sooner or later, you will realize that it is also a silently social ground.

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You will meet all sorts of persons good, bad and some who are just there. We look at some of the 10 annoying fellow employees you are likely or you have already run through.

Make sure you are not one of them

1.Him or She who shares too much

Yes, they will share all sorts of information with you, and order you not to tell anyone at times. They are full of personal and other related information until you feel you have a press just next to you.

No one wants always to know your relationship status and how your Fantasy team is doing. Curb those probing personal questions you ask your co-workers.

2.Official Gossipers

At first it seems fun as away of bonding with the new employees and colleagues, but as time goes on, it becomes boring and personal. It creates hatred and as always tables turn when you are not in.

Try not to talk about others so much!

3.Loud Speakers

Are you that kind of a person who cannot control your voice while talking to someone or talking over a call? Talking to your wife, doctor, kids on phone with no or less volume control does not sound good to all.

Next time, trying walking away with your phone, if not just lower your volume

4.Left Overs

There are those who will take out food and bring along into the office, eat and leave some left overs stinking on the desk or the dustbin until the following day.

It is very disgusting to the nearby fellows, and often keep themselves. It is advisable to repoert the culprit to the manager rather than confronting

5.Odor Footprint

Did you know hat you have a bad smelly odor, well now you know, if you don’t know ask your doctor.

At work, this will betray you at some point, but don’t let it be a habit. You got to shy it away with good body deodorants

6. Fashion Emergency

Everyday at work, consider it point clear, is another chance to impress with your dress code. What happens after the interview and first day at work? At many times male workers complain of women wearing so provoking.

7.Nail Clipping

Every time, workers or fellows can here you cutting short your nails. And we just wonder why you have to do so often in public. Disgusting to many if not all.

8.Loud Phone

There is also that one person whose phone is never on vibration or on silent mode, it is in fact on full volume node. Worse of it it keep ringing every now and then.

9.Food Gazzler

Here is another one again with food, he steals everyone drinks and food stuffs. Yes and he never buys or refunds back. He is this annoying to all and sundry

10.Ghost Worker

Have you ever heard of an employee who is never in play. He is just no where to be seen or even heard. We have them and they exist on a long streak of many companies




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