10 Unexploited Niches Content Creators Should Try

These following niches either have been left untouched or barely well exploited in Kenya. And if you are a content creator, this is a hot cake for you.

As they say, the future lies in internet!

For Kenyan content creators , these niches aren’t exploited, try them.

  1. Finance and wealth Management
  2. How to videos ( Localized step by step processes of government services )
  3. Fashion education ( not vlogs)
  4. Mobile phone reviews
  5. Motorcycle reviews
  6. Scams
  7. Documentaries ( Kenyan history , heritage and culture )
  8. Language education, kikuyu , Somali , Luo , Kamba , Kisii et Al
  9. Tax education and money management ( localize this content , don’t make it generic )
  10. Health education ( Common illnesses in Kenya and remedies

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