10 Warning Signs To Look Out Before Renting A House In Nairobi

Nairobians who are living in Nairobi city must be more scared than before to hear that storey building are still collapsing in 2019!

A trip down the memory lane reveals that the menace began four years ago when the worst kind of the tragedy occurred in Huruma area killing 50 tenants on spot.

Since 2016, atleast five building have come down killing innocent Kenyans

From then till 2019, our elected leaders are still mourning, visiting the affected victims and donating food instead of arresting the culprits and putting in place tough laws.

The most worrying thing is the fact that buildings could still be coming down in 2020.

The body mandated by the government to National Construction Authority, has been accused of receiving bribes and approving shoddy works, increasing the rate of buildings expected to fall down.

But to be on a safe side, we have researched key signs to look out for while renting house, so as you can avoid an early disaster.

While looking for a house to rent, don’t just look at basic amenities such as water,electricity, security and proximity to your school or place of work, rather start with its safety first

These keys point out to a possible time bomb on a building

1.If the building has got cracks on its walls, don’t bother renting it. A well designed and built storey house should not have even small cracks. It shows that something is not right and cracks are early symptoms

2.Gaps between floors actually indicate that there is a structural defect that could end very badly. It is advisable that tenants look out on this issue with keen interest

3.Slanting floors and not line up walls are another key to a waiting disaster to happen. This phenomena is wide open between the eyes and everyone is advised to avoid such houses

4. A support structure or pillars that keep on weakening. Some houses with deteriorating pillars go through several structures before coming down. Keep an eye on pillars and key support structures to note this kind of a symptom

5.The foundation of the house could visibly expose its tears and fissures in foundation structures. A hitch in a primary foundation unit will eventually fail other structures over time

6. Deformed sides of a building can result into a disaster. For instance good built walls can begin deforming over time and eventual fall off from the storey house

7.Cracking sounds are also another key issue. Creaking or popping sounds are neither rare, but it can be heard during the night when noise pollution is low. This is a quick indication the house is under stress and can come down any moment

8. Molds are indication that water is inside the building to a place it is supposed not to be. This in term means that the building is under moisture penetration attack. Water will soon weaken the house and bring in disaster.

9.A Moving house is another sign. Due to weak foundation and its structure, some parts of the building can relocate, and this is one of the last signs before it comes down tumbling

10.Have you ever seen a shaky house? This phenomena actually exists, some building actually shake even when a tiny kid jumps up and down.

Such is another disaster with a time bomb

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