10 Ways To Cheer Up A Bad Day Into A Good Day


A Swahili saying states that a good day is usually spotted in the morning, but the same saying or language fails to tell us on how to spot a bad day, or what you should do to turn a bad day into a good day.

Below are some nugget to turn a bad day into an awesome day by cheering it differently

  1. Have a warm drink
  2. Cuddle with pets
  3. Look at positive quotes
  4. Call someone you love
  5. Watch a favourite movie
  6. Go outside
  7. Get creative
  8. Take a hot shower/bath
  9. Have a little alcohol
  10. Take a deep breathe
  11. Play happy music
  12. Listen to nature
  13. Write a journal
  14. Make yourself laugh
  15. Babysit
  16. Watch your favourite TV show
  17. Get dressed up
  18. Clean your home
  19. Read a good book
  20. Buy some flowers
  21. Get off social media
  22. Work out
  23. Get grounded
  24. Do not force it
  25. Develop new habits
  26. Pamper yourself
  27. Do something nicer
  28. Smile
  29. Have sex
  30. Plan a trip
  31. Break a bad habit
  32. Have some chocolate
  33. Let it out
  34. Savor everyday moments
  35. Have some water
  36. Play
  37. Look at blue
  38. Speed up your thinking
  39. Set 3 goals for the day
  40. Remain positive



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