12 Best Quotes Of Miguna Miguna Wisdom Sayings

Miguna Miguna has been a stalk and a talk of the town, he is a man of many words. Even not many could read his more than 2500 page book.

For any politician infront of his rally, He Normally have a word to describe him. And here is what we managed to compile from his sayings


1. Johnson Sakaja is a visionless bumbling moral toddler with an acute intellectual defficiency.

2. Mike Sonko is a notorious thief and a drug peddler who is functionally illiterate.

3. Dr Evans Kidero is the dean of looters and an irredeemable thief.

4. Esther Passaris is a conwoman with nothing of substance between her ears except the artistry of blackmailing naive old sponsors

5. Bishop Wanjiru should stick to the pulpit business where questions are prohibited because she seem to be the only multi-degree holder with no clue of what a dissertation is but still want to govern the highly literate Nairobians.

6. Jacob Juma was a robbers’ baron who was probably killed by his fellow thugs in the criminal world. He was not a saint though he didn’t deserve to die in that manner.

7. Joho is a semi-literate graduate who is known to feed his Mombasa subjects with drugs and contraband goods instead of real goods.

8. Moses Wetangula is a known thief with no transformative ideology other than stealing.

9. Kalonzo Musyoka is a slippery character who can easily mutate like a chameleon. Trust him at your own peril.

10. Raila Odinga is a political conman with no clear goal or agenda for Kenyans except himself.

11. A modern democratic country like kenya cannot thrive and prosper when thieves, looters, land grabbers and drug barons occupy public office.

12. The fanatics of cartels and tribal kings wrongly equate truth to insults but they won’t intimidate me because as a leader I have a noble duty to free Kenyans from mental slavery.

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