15 Most Sought-after Professionals In 2021

A report by Linkedin has ranked the fastest growing job areas in 2021, based on a combination of demand and the number of jobs available. These were the professionals most required by companies in the last year:

  1. Worker ecommerce frontline
  2. Experts in loans and mortgages
  3. Health support staff
  4. Sales and business development professionals
  5. Diversity experts in the workplace
  6. Digital Marketing Professionals
  7. Nurses
  8. Education professionals
  9. Digital content creators
  10. Professional and personal coach
  11. Specialized engineers
  12. Mental health specialists
  13. User experience (UX) professionals
  14. Data Science Specialists
  15. Artificial intelligence professionals

In general, there are two factors that received a new impulse in the last two years: the digital revolution and sustainability.

This is the direction in which the demand of the labor market is heading and, consequently, it is also the orientation that training choices should take to ensure greater employability.

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