15 Things You Should Never Do When You Hit 30 Years

By age 30, you should be mature enough to NEVER do this in your life. This will ensure your success from the age of 30 years until your old age.

1. Rely on your 9-5 as your solo source of income. Start creating 5+ streams of income ASAP.

2. Neglect your health. Eat right, workout 7x a week, sleep 7+ a night. You only have one version of yourself

3. No matter how much you trust your close friends and family, let no one know everything about you.

4. If your friends take weed and drink alcohol to have a good time, then it’s time to rethink about your priorities.

5. Blame your parents for anything. You should forgive them and take responsibilities of your own life.

6. Wait for the “right time”. Train yourself to take action or else your ambitions remain to be a dream.

7. Take criticism personally. Your mental health should come first before anyone.

8. Take advice from people who are not where you to be in life. Own your life.

9. Never let self-help books and motivational guides drive you. Embrace consistency and discipline and you’ll get far in life.

10. Never go broke trying to look rich. Get busy while you build not impressing people.

11. Never hope someone will ever come save you from your problems. Fight to win your own battles.

12. Never lie to yourself. People will believe your excuses but not you.

13. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, be smart enough to create them.

14. Never waste your time trying to win petty argument or prove a point to anyone for the sake of your mental health.

15. Never fear rejection. No is just a start of constructive conversation.

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