16 Creative Designs That Made Us Fall In Love With Nokia In Early 2000s

Growing up in early 2000s presented us not only a chance to transition from the traditional way of communication but also experience the magic of Nokia phone evolution.

The kids of today will not understand how Nokia phones used to be the Tiktok of today.

Owning one was such a treasure that was enjoy by a few if not the priviledged.

But what made the Nokia industry tik while others struggled though the murky waters? Well you case is right if you said design.

Nokia was such a vibe with their 2000s design, that send many into their frenzy with hot designs every time it came out!

Nokia 7610

Nokia 7600

Nokia N93

Nokia 3600/3650

Nokia 6600

Nokia 6630

Nokia N97

Nokia N95

Nokia N73

Nokia N70

Nokia Asha 302

Nokia E7-00

Nokia 5610

Nokia N76

Nokia 3220

Nokia 3250

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