17 Popular New Sheng Words To Know In 2021

Sheng is a slang version of Kiswahili language that is widely spoken in Eastern Africa.

Sheng is widely used in Kenya especially in urban centres. However, the origin of sheng can be attributed to a certain group wanting to create their own secret way of communicating ,

In Nairobi, sheng again is widely spread through the famous Gengetone music genre.

Here are some of the latest words you should know of as of January 2021.

  1. Kubanja- To speak
  2. Unanauwo- You understand
  3. Kuamocho – to drink alcohol
  4. Kamehuha- Critical situation
  5. Mbogi – group of guys with similar interests
  6. Nguki- nickname for Mungiki group
  7. Pikini- child
  8. Lalez- Girlfriend
  9. Kidakto – High school
  10. Kimbokta – long time ago
  11. Mbotu – Stomach
  12. Bazenga – Father
  13. Rotejo – Roundabout
  14. Roe – Road
  15. Kuchai- To steal
  16. Kusele – To celebrate
  17. Muzukin- Cousin

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