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20 Apps You Need To Run A Business Remotely

The telecommuting, workers and managers, can pose some challenges, especially communication and coordination internally.

Luckily, today, there are a series of technological tools that allow us to minimize these challenges and make the management and organization of teams easier.

1. Basecamp

Basecamp has everything you need for remote teamwork and project management: a space to store and organize files, a space to communicate with team members through chats, a planning space in which to set goals, tasks and completion deadlines, a forum-style space in which to raise discussion topics and a space in which to create to-do lists. With it, we can direct and monitor a team or project from anywhere. In addition, it is available both in a Web version and as an application for iOS and Android, which will allow us to run our company even from our mobile phone.

2. Boomerang

This tool allows us to schedule the sending of an email for later. This is especially useful when our employees or clients are in other countries, with different time zones. With Boomerang we can write an email and schedule your shipment for the date and time we want your recipient to receive it. It also allows us to schedule reminders, in case of not receiving a response to an email within a stipulated period. It works with Gmail as an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. It is also available for Android.

3. Dropbox

This tool allows us to have our files stored on a kind of hard drive in the cloud, so that we can consult or edit them from anywhere. It is a fundamental tool if we work from different places to always have all our work at hand. In addition, Dropbox allows us to share certain files with other people, so that we can not only show our work to anyone, even if it is far away, but also give them editing permissions to work together on the same file. It also has versions for mobile devices and the information will be synchronized between the different devices. Other similar tools: Google Drive, Box or OneDrive.


This software allows us to hold virtual meetings and share the screen of our device with the meeting guests. In general, those who have used it highlight its simplicity and ease of use; and its reliability. Due to its characteristics, is ideal for holding remote meetings with clients and employees.

5. Skype

It is ideal for calls and video conferences, especially in international environments. With it, we can communicate with our company if we are traveling, with employees who work for us remotely, with clients, etc.; from anywhere and without having to face high telephone bills. In addition to the Web version, Skype has applications for iOS and Android. An equivalent tool could be Google Hangouts.

In addition, by activating the Skype Number function, we can get a local Skype phone number so that they can call us wherever we are. There are up to 24 countries to choose from.

6. LogMeIn

The LogMeIn tool allows us to access our desktop computer and control it remotely from anywhere, something very interesting if we are in another country or miles away.

7. Trello

This application is ideal for teamwork, since it allows us to create boards to organize any task we are working on, indicating what tasks have to be carried out, who should be in charge of each task and in what order they should be done; and checklists to keep track of tasks performed. That way, all team members can know what to do at all times. It is also possible to upload photos, videos and PDF files and leave comments for other colleagues. Trello is compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, among others. In addition, all the information stored will be synchronized between devices, so we can access it from anywhere.

8. Evernote

Evernote is an ideal tool for making annotations. We can quickly dictate notes and organize them using tags. It also allows us to create checklists of things or to-dos, schedule reminders, or capture any web content; and we can consult all that information stored from any device, thanks to its synchronization function.

9. Mindmeister

With this tool we can make mental maps to graphically see the planning of our work, a project, etc. The advantage of this tool over other similar ones, such as Freemind, is that Mindmeister allows us to share with other users the mind maps that we have created to work as a team. This video shows how it works:

10. Toggl

Toggl is a time management tool. With it, we will no longer have to write down the start and end time of each activity on paper. This tool automatically controls how we invest our time and shows it very clearly with graphs. It is ideal for remote work and for calculating and increasing the productivity of a team. It works even without an Internet connection and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux; and with mobile devices with iOS and Android. It’s only available in English.


This tool is ideal for getting more followers on Twitter. Using modern marketing techniques specifically geared towards Twitter, Narrow helps us build a target audience. We only have to indicate some keywords or hashtags related to our company, service, product, cause or business; Narrow will automatically identify the audience most relevant to us and will rapidly increase our fan base.

12. Trade Ability

The free UPS Trade Ability tool is ideal for businesses that need to ship their products by estimating shipping costs and providing information on tariffs and potential international trade restrictions. It’s only available in English.

13. Infusionsoft

It is a powerful marketing and sales tool for small businesses that allows you to graphically visualize each step of a business’s sales and marketing strategy. Infusionsoft centralizes all customer interactions and daily activities in one place, making it much easier to manage and automating repetitive tasks, such as follow-up, so that company members can save time and be more productive.

14. Zendesk

Zendesk is ideal for companies that need to offer customer service, because with it we can manage all interactions with customers (emails, tweets, Facebook messages …) in a single space and from anywhere.

15. Time Trade

This tool allows our clients and colleagues to see our availability and reserve a date and time to meet with us. Time Trade information is automatically synchronized with Google Calendar. It is ideal if we have to travel a lot and our availability is limited.

16. Express VPN

Having a virtual private network (in English Virtual Private Network or VPN) is essential if we travel to certain countries, such as China, Thailand or Indonesia, where Web browsing is restricted and many sites are blocked. If we want to visit the websites that we usually browse in ours from those countries, we will need a VPN. One of the best tools for this is Express VPN. It will provide us with an ultra-secure, high-speed network without blocked content. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

17. Buffer

This tool is ideal when our clients or the public are in a very different time zone from ours. In those cases, managing social networks can be very complex. Buffer allows us to schedule our publications on a wide variety of platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn) and automate the task so that it always occurs within a suitable time for the people who follow us on these networks. It also shows us statistics on reach, shares, mentions, etc .; of our publications. It can be installed as a browser extension. There are also compatible versions for Android and iOS and there is even a version for Apple Watch.

18. Prezi

Prezi is a cloud-based tool that allows us to create, edit, and display presentations from a browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone anywhere, anytime. It’s very easy to use and includes great effects, powerful movements and a sophisticated design. In addition, the changes are synchronized between devices so that we have the latest version at hand at all times.

19. Paypal

This tool becomes especially useful when we work remotely. With it we can send money safely anywhere without worrying about exchange rates, payments by mail or whether a bank is reliable or not. We can also link a PayPal MasterCard with our account to make shopping easier and more secure on the Internet.

20. Prey

This tool does not help to manage a company, but if we travel frequently, the possibilities that our mobile or tablet will be stolen are many. In that case, Prey will be of great help, allowing us to locate them immediately. To do this, you will send us information about your location, images from the camera and screenshots of the device.

21. Fixner

Fixner is a cloud management tool for professional service companies. The great point in its favor is that it includes, in a single tool, everything necessary for the management of this type of company: a CRM for the management of customer relationships, project management and cost control, advanced management of work orders and tasks and even automatic billing for tasks performed.

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