25 Social Rules That Will Earn You Respect

Having a knowledge how to socialize is not taught in school, however this is a vital every one should study and become a master in it.

Because these social rules will not only earn you respect but also make you a distinguished person among the rest.


  1. Dress well no matter what the occasion.
  2. Always carry cash.
  3. Always get up when you’re sitting and someone come to greet you.
  4. Always comment on good things don’t keep in heart.
  5. If the phone is on the speaker inform.
  6. Chat to anyone who is sitting alone at a party or in a group.
  7. If feasible, avoid the plan to go outdoor if you have a runny nose.
  8. Do not swipe left or right if individual shows you a photo on their phone.
  9. Wave your hand rather than calling his or her name if someone is far or on phone or earphones plugged in.
  10. Offer a glass of water to the delivery man.
  11. People know the worth. If successful wear shirt of 300 it seems 3000 and if unsuccessful wear 3000 it seems 300. Don’t show off.
  12. When anyone gets shouted at don’t look at them. It’s more awkward.
  13. Always open the door for the person coming behind you. Doesn’t matter if it is a guy or a girl.
  14. Stop being late, it’s irritating.
  15. When someone starts talking about their conditions, don’t start talking about yours.
  16. Never ask a shy person what’s wrong or ask them ‘why aren’t you talking more?’ It only makes them feel more awkward.
  17. When visiting someone’s house, carry something.
  18. When you open a gift, just say thank you. Don’t say, “It’s too expensive!”
  19. Being vegetarian or non-vegetarian is a choice.
  20. Don’t ask anyone why it’s so.
  21. Do not sympathize with anyone in public. This will embarrass a person more than be laughing at.
  22. Don’t expect others to understand how hard you are working and living. Everyone doing.
  23. If you like working with smart people, be prepared to be used by them too.
  24. Don’t make suggestions; But when it comes to house, car, marriage don’t give advice. Because these are very important things & if something goes wrong you’ll be blamed or they may stop talking to you.
  25. Don’t look at your phone when others are talking to you…!

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