3D Bra Wins The Invention Of The Year

The Milan Design Fair has presented the winner of the Luxus 2019 Design Award, after a close competition between the semifinalists.

The jury had to decide between highly ambitious projects, energy generators or seawater cleaners, however, the jury voted in favor of a humanitarian cause, a 3D custom lace bra, for cancer survivors who had undergone a masectomy, the latter being the winner of the prize that undoubtedly is the invention of the year.

Lisa Marks, creator of the bra, used some algorithms for the bra to adapt to different bodies, with a three-dimensional fit, whose function is to be so soft so as not to bother the person carrying it, in addition to adapting to the shape of the bust and creates a symmetrical visual effect between both breasts.

Currently in the market, you can find endless post-mastectomy bras, however, still not fully cover the needs of cancer patients.

Some are very hard, others are deformed in a short time or simply the prosthesis does not achieve the naturalness that is required, that is why the invention developed by the American industrial designer, becomes relevant.

The 3D bra was the winner of a total of 1,548 projects submitted from a total of 65 countries, breaking the record of participation this year.

The jury had to decide between five semi-final projects, a project to replace the plastic with desert sand, a turbine that turns the shock wave into energy, a team to clean up oil spills in the sea, blinds that generate electricity, as well as invention of the year, developed by Marks.

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