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4 Best Ways To Put Toxic People Back Into Their Lanes

There is no space in your life for toxic people. Or rather, you should not leave space in your life for toxic people.

You do not deserve to endure the dramas or the negativity of anyone.

Here are some tips to put them off your life entrance

1. Stop pretending that your behavior is fine

Shut up and let them talk is easier than facing them, but do not kid yourself. This short-term facility will bring long-term problems.

Toxic people do not change if you are rewarding them for not changing.

2. Speak loud and clear

Defend yourself Most toxic people know they are doing the wrong thing and will back down when someone confronts them.

They may look surprised or outraged at your behavior, as you would have gone beyond the personal barrier, but you must talk anyway.

You have to make them see that with you that way they will not get anything.

3. Leave things clear

Your dignity can be attacked, devastated and even mocked. But they will never be taken from you unless you allow it.

You have to find a way to defend your barriers. Show that you will not be insulted or belittled. The message is that you send it clear: I do not like your subtle attacks nor will I enter your game.

4. Do not take your toxic behavior as something personal

Toxic people will try to make you believe that in some way you are the one who has done wrong. And because the button to feel guilty is quite large in many of us can make us doubt if we have done well.

Do not let that happen to you.

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