4 Careers That You Can Study If You Like Art

Being a lawyer, engineer or economist is not for everyone. In our society there is a natural tendency to promote traditional careers, often losing sight of the existence of young people who have other types of talent and interests.

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Are you passionate about artistic expressions? Are you a creative person? Then you should know that there are also professional options that suit your interests. Here we leave you 4 courses that you can study if you like art:

Bachelor of Arts with mention Theory and History of Art

The first option that comes to mind is to study a Bachelor of Arts, career that trains professionals with creative ability, self-criticism, spirit of experimentation and aptitude to function adequately in the artistic and cultural environment.

Pedagogy in Visual Arts

If you want to learn more, you will learn how to teach and how to teach others, studying Pedagogy in Visual Arts can be a great alternative.

The graduates of this career are trained to deliver to the students of Second Cycle and Middle Education, solid theoretical and practical knowledge of visual arts.

Technician in Art and Cultural Management

This technical career is an excellent option for those who want to dedicate themselves to the point of view of management.

These professionals are dedicated to the implementation of cultural and artistic projects, whether in museums and galleries, cultural centers, assembly companies and exhibitions and, in general, any institution or company in the cultural field.

Technical Industrial Drawing

Finally, if you want to put your work into practice and generate fixed income with a more conventional job, Industrial Technical Drawing is the career you were looking for.

Technical drafters can work in the areas of architecture, civil works, mechanics, electricity, electronics and urban planning, among others.



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