4 Reasons Why You Should Remove Make-up Regularly

The routine of every woman and even men every night before going to sleep should be to remove makeup, because with this they get rid of all the makeup on the face, also removing any type of dirt.

For a proper facial cleaning it is necessary to follow the following steps, since they will help you to have radiant and very healthy skin:

1.- Wash your face well with warm water and a neutral soap or gel, rinse until there are no residues. By opening the pores a little you can better eliminate impurities.

2.- Exfoliate yourself. You can do this with homemade products, making a mixture of honey with sugar, which will give gentle circular massages. Then rinse and gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.

3.- With the help of a cotton pad, apply an alcohol-free toner.

4.- Finally, use a moisturizing night cream on your face and neck.

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