4 Sincere Answers To Respond To ‘How Much Do You Earn?’

There are questions of all kinds, those that seem absurd, others that we do not understand and those that are so private that they make us uncomfortable.

And they will not let me lie, people who want to know “how much you earn”, really cross the line of imprudence.

Beyond wanting to answer to deserved “what does it matter,” we must remain calm, count to three and take into account who is asking, in order to respond appropriately.

To make it easier, you should remember four categories in which you should place the questioner: family and friends, strangers, co-workers and recruiters. So, your answers should be:

1.For family and friends: “I earn enough to pay the rent, eat and buy something else”.

Many people also apply this response when they want to avoid borrowing money from them.

2.Unknown: “Not much, what do you want to know?”

You will see that he does not have a valid reason to want to know and will leave the subject for peace.

3.Co-workers: “Not enough”.

Probably, the other person thinks the same and will be satisfied with your answer.

4.Recruiters: Here you must increase 25% of your current salary or your last job.

Obviously the intention is that you have a higher profit if you are about to change jobs.



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