3 Situations When You Require A Professional CV/Resume

Getting employment in Kenya is not easy. This is because the competition is high with fresh graduates each year. Managing to be shortlisted for an interview can be a nightmare. One of the main reasons that you are not being called for an interview may be because of your curriculum vitae. You might have a good education background with amazing qualifications and work experience, but you are unable to present them well in your CV. This is where you may require the services of a professional CV writer. Here are situations when you require to have a professional CV written for you.


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1. When applying for your first job

Applying for your first job can be quite trick. This is because you may not have any work experience. Therefore writing a CV can be quite hard and worse, knowing what to put and what not. This hence requires you to source the services of a professional CV writer. A professional will know how to put your education background and qualifications including your memberships and participation in a way that will please the employer. Thus giving you a good shot at landing yourself an interview.

2. When changing careers

Changing a career is a big decision as it affects and changes your life very much. When you decides to change your career, you also require to change your CV when applying for a job. Therefore, it is important to have a professional CV written for you so as to major on the areas that are relevant to the career you want to change to.

3. When seeking for a promotion

The CV that you started your job with may not be best suited to use when you are eyeing a promotion. This is because there are many qualifications and experiences that you have acquired along the way. Therefore, since a promotion is very important, it requires a professional CV to ensure that it is well written and up to date.

By Pauline Kagwiria

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