4 Things We Hate To See On Facebook

Facebook is one of the best things that have been invented in recent years. Do you all agree? It’s not just a social network, it’s a universe of information about the people we care about, know about, or have ever met.

It is a database where we report our movements, feelings, lacks, experiences, experiences, expectations, etc. But it is also a yellowish place where some users share things that would be better without knowing.

Here are some examples:

  1. Explicit details about your diet

It is admirable that someone is doing something for their body, that they are interested in their health that they have decided to start a more adequate diet and exercise. Congratulations, we are proud.

But do we need to know exactly how many kilos have you dropped? How many kilometers you have run? How many crunches did he do? And the problem with these people is that they have not only shared one of these data, but they are constantly informing us about every step they take in favor of their well-being.

  1. Wound, illness or physical problem

Part of the goal of having friends on Facebook is to be able to offer support, friendship, to shoulder to recharge at a distance during difficult times in life. And the disease is, without a doubt, one of them.

However, who in their right mind wants to see wounds bleeding on Facebook? The bone left? The bare knee? The rash on the shoulder? The layers of skin that rose in a bad step? Why, if we are not doctors, do we have to learn the gruesome details?

  1. Details of a separation

We insist, the social network exists to share our feelings with others, so that our friends know what is happening in our lives. And if you cut with your boyfriend, you seek support from your friends.

Now, it’s one thing to seek support, and take another one to attack us with dramatic phrases, cries of pain, photos of the tragedy, and a host of intimate details about their breakup, or worse, about their relationship!

Why do we have to find out who left you for his secretary? Girls, more self-love. The friends we do not know if it is to give like, to put a comment of support, or simply to make like that we did not realize.

And please, girls, nobody wants to read intimate details about a couple. If you do it right, if it is the best sex you have ever had, or if you have a huge size, please do not share it! Life goes around a lot, and we do not know what can be used against us.

  1. Anger for everyday things

While there are statuses that are funny about small annoyances of everyday life such as traffic, row in the super, bank idiots, etc., a friend who is always angry on Facebook is annoying.

Reading pure negative comments or seeing photographs of annoying people lowers the mood with which we all face life. If you occasionally share something that makes you angry and upload a photo to exemplify, OK.




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