4 Tricks To Improve Your Wifi Signals

It usually happens that while watching a movie at home or doing some work via the web, the Wi-Fi connection from one moment to another falls.

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This is one of the most common problems presented by Kenyans, who get used to living with this type of difficulty. Most think that the problem is in the Internet service, when it is not always the case.

Below are four main causes and solutions in the face of the fall of the Wi-Fi connection:

1.Router overloaded by a heavy use of network: It is usual to experience Wi-Fi blackout when the network is being used to the maximum in processes such as downloads, simultaneous transmission, transfer of large files, online games, among others.

The router may be working well but it is not the right combination for the needs of the network. One solution is to choose a router that accommodates all the connected devices and the demands that the network will have.


2.The Wi-Fi signal is weak or not extended so far: Wi-Fi connections can easily fall when connected devices are located near the end wireless signal range of the network.

The further these products are, the more unstable the Wi-Fi connection will be. A good alternative would be to relocate the devices near the router so that the signal has a greater range.


3.It presents a lot of wireless interference: The router is not the only device in the home that emits a signal. Neighboring wireless signals and many household products such as Bluetooth, microwaves, televisions and cordless phones emit radio signals that can interfere with the Wi-Fi network signal. Moving the router away from these computers is an easy solution.


4.The firmware or drivers need an update: Computers connect to a Wi-Fi network using a device driver and the router creates a Wi-Fi signal based on the firmware.

Both systems can occasionally affect your connection if the two or some require an update. It is advisable to verify the driver updates on the computer and install new firmware for the router from the product’s website.


If these 4 measures prove futile, Please contact your ISP- Internet Service



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