5 Amazing Applications For Students

There is an application that is generating controversy among math teachers in the country. THE PhotoMath, which is able to solve any equation in a few seconds, won a new version.

Now, in addition to solving the mathematical problems typed by the students, they will also be able to solve those that are written by hand, making the process even faster.

PhotoMath technology uses the smartphone’s camera to capture images of the equations and offer its user not only the result of the account, but also the complete resolution, step by step. Next, find out more options for apps that help with studies and productivity.

1. Habitates

What if we told you that you can be more productive and organized and still be able to have fun with it? This is the proposal of the Habitica application, which treats users’ lives as if it were an RPG game. In it you can list the tasks of the day, setting deadlines for their realization, and if you do not comply with the obligations, your digital avatar will be punished. The app is available for IOS and Android.

2. Wolfram Alpha

The application works like a real online encyclopedia for academic subjects. The Wolfram Alpha, as well as PhotoMath also solve mathematical equations and solving it shows, step by step. However, this function is only available for the paid version of the app, which can also be accessed via the computer or notebook. Available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

3. Prezi

Making a presentation of a paper to the teacher or colleagues is always challenging. One way to stand out and offer even more interesting content is to put the old slide tools aside and use Prezi. With the help of this tool you will be able to produce interactive presentations, with videos and unusual transition effects. In addition to the application, this tool can also be used on the desktop.

4. Keep Me Out!

It is practically impossible to resist a sneak peek on social media after hours of study. The problem is that often the sneak peek goes on and ends up being long minutes surfing friends’ profiles and sending messages. If you have this problem, download the Keep Me Out! Application, which blocks access to any website that may hinder your performance while studying or at work.

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