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5 Business Ladies Who Will Inspire You On International Women’s Day

Annually, Forbes magazine publishes its listings about the most influential and wealthy people in the world, recognizing the work and business success of many professionals.

We were used to the profile of a successful business tycoon, as powerful men at the head of large companies that lead with a lot of discipline and perseverance.

But times have changed and, although we are far from talking about parity, the female presence in these rankings is becoming more and more remarkable. And not only referring to heirs of great fortunes and companies , but women who have opted for their ideas and have not been afraid to undertake.

In total, in the list of 2018, 256 women appear , among them, 72 are entrepreneurs who have created their business and have positioned it at the top.

The richest women in the world who lead their businesses

1. Alice Walton

She is the current director of Walmart , a business that her father started and that she has taken to another level.

Her fortune is valued at more than 46,000 million dollars, which devotes to develop important social tasks , especially focused on the development of the arts and the recognition of professional women, key in the world of culture.

2. Françoise Bettencourt

She is the daughter of Liliane Bettencourt, creator of the L’Oreal group and a woman who did not hesitate to undertake and occupy the position she owed in the business world.

She is one of the responsible for the creation of the large business holding company that leads the cosmetics sector that her daughter Françoise now directs, since 2017.

3. Laurene Powell Jobs

She is the creator of Emerson Collective and the main shareholder of The Walt Disney Company.

Emerson Collective is a social organization that aims to generate a positive impact on American society, through initiatives related to education, the integration of immigrants and the defense of the environment.

4. Charlene de Carvalho

She is the head of the family business, the Heineken brewery, although he also developed his career outside of this industry following his professional goals.

She did not hesitate to renew the traditional policy of the company to adapt to the new times  and ensure the continuity of the business.

5. Sheryl Sandberg

First woman present in the executive committee of Facebook , since 2012 and creator of the organization LeanIn , which seeks the development of women  in all areas and, above all, in the professional and business world .

Although all of them have witnessed that inequality and gender stereotypes reign in the world of business management, they are also proponents and believers that the time for change has arrived.

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