5 Car Brands That Have Grown Dramatically In 10 Years

Comparethemarket has published a study in which it shows which are the five brands and the five cars that have gained the most popularity since 2009.

They have done so based on searches made by Internet users through Google with the aim of seeing how the car market has evolved in the last decade.

The five most popular brands have won since 2009

The first part of the study (there are three) shows which brands Internet users are looking for the most.

Tesla win that has gone from nothing (10 years ago nobody knew who Elon Musk was) to the first place and with a brutal difference with respect to the second place that occupies Jeep.

The ranking of the five brands that have gained the most popularity in the last ten years is like this (in brackets, the percentage of growth):

Tesla (384.97%)

Jeep (74.06%)

McLaren (36.73%)

Jaguar (34.07%)

Lamborghini (27.34%)

Below are Pagani, Subaru, Nissan, Land Rover, Toyota, Ford and Mini as the brands that have grown in popularity since 2009.

The five most popular cars have won since 2009

The study has also looked at what have been the most searched models by Internet users in the last 10 years. Tesla is again the first, the surprise is that it is not Tesla Model 3 the winning model, but the Tesla Roadster.

 Tesla Roadster (878.18%)

Jeep Compass (780%)

Tesla Model S (723.81%)

Nissan Rogue (313.28%)

Range Rover (134.70%)

One last point The Comparethemarket report has filtered searches by type of car.

The results show that Internet users are concerned with technology and practicality, in this order, hence autonomous cars are the most sought after by far. Behind, the seven-seater and the SUV.

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