5 Celebs Who Divorced Via Social Media-Part 1

Social media has been good and bad for celebs in equal measure, those who have failed, have done and and come down rambling so big













And when it came to love, especially on the marriage, social media has been a huge memeber of any relationship.

We look at some of the celebs who announced their break up with their lovers on social media, or rather dumped them through social media


After Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial, Zari and Diamond had a very rough time in love, which prompted Diamond to post online that Zari had abandoned him for another man, Diamond looked like he was dumping her, but few days later were seen together














Prezzo and Yola were on and off marriage handle, the marriage looked like it was on some kind of electric charge which was unstable. later on he announced that he and Mitchelle Yola were done on social media

3.Colonel Mustafa










Mustafa gave Marya a rude shock on social media after he dumped her for Huddah Monroe, the two never went so far though because we all know what Huddah is all about.

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