5 City Colleges Closed For Offering ‘Fake Courses’

On Tuesday, 5 colleges who were alleged to be offering sub-standard courses were shut down indefinitely.


The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVET) shut down the colleges because of non-compliance with the registration and accreditation requirements.

The colleges that suffered included Technical Institute, Regional Institute, Céfored Institute of Relief and Development, Bonjour Institute and East African Institute.

“Mandate is to inspect, license, register and accredit training institutions and as part of the agenda, they have decided to close non-compliant institutions,” the authority’s director-general, Mr Kipkirui Langat, said.

The campaign is looking forward to audit 100 more colleges offering middle level training in the country.

“The closure of non-compliant institutions underscores the authority’s goal of meeting the Vision 2030 by providing market driven, competent skilled work force with recognised training and certification,” said Dr Langat.

“The authority will continue with its inspection and licensing of all the TVET institutions and accreditation of programmes, ” he explained.

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