5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Job

Finding a job is a hustle. With soaring unemployment stats, one can easily give up. The market is becoming more competitive and employers are looking for candidates who standout from the crowd. So, while every jobseeker is burning the midnight oil to impress a potential employer, many are just getting it wrong. Are you wondering why you never get response whenever you send your job applications? Here are grave mistakes to avoid.

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  1. No Cover letter

A cover letter introduces you to the HR manager before he or she looks at your CV. Do not be that applicant who applies for a job without an intro. Make it appealing and appetizing to give the reader a reason to know more about you and eventually get an interview call.

  1. Casual email address

Your email address speaks a lot about who you are. Many people never give a second thought when choosing a user name not knowing that it could deny them their dream job. Avoid user names that render the devil in you roaming across the selection panel. Imagine applying for a PR officer job yet your email address reads something like sexyboobs@gmail.com. Unless you are applying to be a porn star, keep it simple and professional. No harm combining your two names to get a good user name e.g. donaldtrump@gmail.com.

  1. Missing referees

Do not take your referees for granted. Include people who know you and can add value to your chances of getting the job. Avoid listing your boyfriend or girlfriend as your referees even if they mean heaven to you.

  1. No subject line

For email applications, ensure the subject line has the correct information. If the company has specified what to indicate, do exactly that. A busy HR manager will simply eliminate you if you cannot follow simple instructions.

  1. Do not brag

While it is good to talk about your achievements, be modest and economic with words. Let not your prospective employer feel that you have a big head to get the job. Instead, focus on the value you would add to the company and not the hats you wear.

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