10 Cute Photos Of Sharon Otieno Murdered In Alleged Love Triangle With Migori Governor

Sharon Otieno who was reported missing on Monday 3rd of September 2018, was found dead four days and her was body dumped along a roadside bush.

Nation Journalist Barrack Oduor  escaped death by jumping out of the moving vehicle moments after he was kidnapped by the second year student who was studying Medical Records and Information at Rongo University.

Her dad confirmed her death after viewing his daughter’s body at the Oyugis Level Four Hospital in Oyugis.

Governor Okoth Obado’s Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo was arrested at Uriri town. Mr.Oyamo had led the victims into a trap before they were taken away.

10 things you should know about Sharon Atieno

  1. Sharon was seven months pregnant before she untimely mate her death
  2. Nation reporter Mr.Odour is said to have been investigating love triangle between the fallen lady and the governor in question from Migori county
  3. The remains of fallen comrade were discovered at Kodera forest in Oyugis
  4. Sharon’s father Douglas Otieno viewed his daughter’s body at Oyugis Level Four Hospital
  5. Sharon is said to have been a part time student at Rongo University, studying in her second year
  6. Claims also allege that she was a mother of three. The unborn baby was to be her fourth kid
  7. Sharon also is said to have a husband who was a high school teacher
  8. Sharon Atieno will become another murder case of a female student in relation to politics. The cases of Mercy Keino (William Kabogo) and Carol Ngumbu (Chris Musando) remain unsolved until today.
  9. Her murder case caused mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media.
  10. Some of Kenyans condemned the horrific act while others felt sorry for her dear life but blamed her for being careless with her own life by living on double standards.




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