5 Disadvantages Of Working Part-Time

Working part-time can seem like a very attractive option if we value free time. However, before accepting a part-time job, other factors must be taken into account.

For example, the salary, the relationship with colleagues or the possibilities of promotion.

YVK present you 5 disadvantages of working part-time so that you put all the ideas on the table.

5 Disadvantages Of Working Part Time

1.Less chance of promotion.

Normally, the managers of the company consider raising the workers full-time. The reason is very simple: if we spend more hours at work, we have more possibilities to perform varied tasks and to acquire responsibilities.

2.Lower salary.

If you work less hours, you will have to face an obvious consequence: you will charge less. In this case, it is best to reflect on what you value most: the quality of life or the abundant salary.

3.Lower price Charging less also means contributing less to the reins of the state.

This fact, a secondary, can have direct consequences on the retirement pension.

4.Less unemployment benefit.

Another of the implications that has to charge less is related to unemployment benefit, lower in these cases. In any case, if your situation at work is stable you should not worry too much.

5.Rise of precarious partial works.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for there to be a direct relationship between partial work and precarious contracts.

If you find yourself in this situation, learn about your labor rights and fight for them. Even if you do not work for 8 hours, you have the same rights as the rest of your classmates.



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